HSP Eidolon Buggy 1:18 BS 2.4Ghz


1,590,000 VND (VND)

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HSP Eidolon Mini Buggy Racer 1/18 Blue Silver

HSP CAR 94805-80591

Get Outrageous with this little guy!

A Very nine all in one package, you are looking at the eye catching & powerful 1/18 Electric car, with all time 4WD drive train, you get excellent control over rough terrain and dirt track. if felt so good when we hell the car in hand, it uses a lot of ABS material for off road racers, we have seen some famous RC brand also pick this ABS plastic for their off road cars. We also notice alot of details like dirt cover on main gear and the receiver electronics... all are well protected, and the oil filled shock absorbers travel range, the spring rate setup is perfect for running, you will see the car "sticks" to the ground, thic means the has been engineered by a team of designer with insight in playing in this field. In short, thic car is a serious RC car that makes a delightful gift for you to enjoy or for your friends and family to have fun right out of the box, just prepare your 8 x AA batteries for transmitter, and you're ready to run!

             Beautifully Decroated Body - It came out of box like this, you don't need to retouch anything.


          Clever designed chassis - All the moving parts are covered, to prevent dust and water from going in, looks very compact and tidy



            100% Pre-Assembled 1/18 Rc Car

Made with ABS Plastic - The chassic and suspension structure are made with ABS plastic, because they are very elastic and almost un-breakable, proven to be the best material for off road car!


  • Length : 230mm
  • Width : 175mm
  • Gear ratio : 1:8.8
  • Wheel Diameter : 55 x 25mm
  • Wheel Base : 115mm
  • Ground Clearance : 15mm
  • Motor : RC370
  • Weight : 495g

            Tranmitter 2  channel 2.4Ghz


          This package includes:

  • 2 Channel 2.4Ghz Transmistter (you need 8xAA Batteries for tx - not include)
  • 100% Pre-assembled car
  • 7.2v 1100mah Ni-MH Battery
  • Battery Charger (becareful, 220v only)

Saigon-Hobby.com Sends You Everything!
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Saigon-Hobby.com Checks and Calibrates Every Single Car Before Shipping!
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Many online sellers don't check and calibrate their products at all because it requires experienced rc pilots and it is very time consuming as well. Saigon-Hobby.com team checks every car, Battery and Battery Charger to ensure everything is in good condition! 

Saigon-Hobby.com Sends You Correct Power Adapter and Frequency!
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